4OS2 2.0 rev C ==> 2.0 rev D Patch

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             4OS2 2.0 rev C ==> 2.0 rev D Patch Documentation


                              April 4, 1994



Copyright 1994, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved.  Published by JP

Software Inc., P.O. Box 1470, E. Arlington, MA 02174 USA, (617)




This file explains how to install the 4OS2 2.0 rev D patches.


To use the patch, you must have:


     * JP Software's PATCH.EXE program.  This program is in a separate

     file, PATCH.ZIP on CompuServe, or 4DPATCH.ZIP on bulletin boards

     and the Internet.  [* See note below.]


     * A copy of 4OS2 2.0 rev C.  The simplest way to check your

     revision level is to use the 4OS2 VER /R command.  This command

     will also show whether you are running the 16-bit version of 4OS2

     ("4OS2/16") or the 32-bit version ("4OS2/32").  You will need this

     information to apply the proper revision D patch.


     If you find you have rev A or B of 4OS2 2.0, you must download

     additional patch files to update your current copy of 4OS2 to rev C

     before you can apply this latest rev D patch.  To update from rev A

     to rev B you need the patch file 4O20B.ZIP; to update from rev B to

     rev C you need 4O20C.ZIP.  These files should be available from the

     same place where you got this rev D file.


To use this patch, use the VER command to determine whether you are

running 4OS2/16 or 4OS2/32.  Then copy the corresponding revision D

patch file to to the directory where your 4OS2 version 2.0 files are

stored.  Copy 4O20D16.RTP for 4OS2/16, or 4O20D32.RTP for 4OS2/32.

(Note that the second character of each filename is the letter "oh", the

fourth character of each name is the digit zero.)  Make sure JP

Software's PATCH.EXE is in the same directory, or in a directory on your

PATH, then enter the appropriate command:


      patch 4o20d16        (for 4OS2/16)

      patch 4o20d32        (for 4OS2/32)


(Don't worry about running the "wrong" patch by mistake.  The PATCH

program won't patch your 4OS2 files unless the proper original file is



This patch converts 4OS2 2.0 rev C to version 2.0 rev D.  It modifies

only 4OS2.EXE, all other files are unchanged from rev C.  Branding (name

and serial number) information in your 4OS2.EXE file will be preserved

in the modified file.


If you want to test 4OS2.EXE to make sure the patch worked, restart your

4OS2 session, then use the VER /R command.  This command will report

"4OS2 Revision C" (if the patch did not work) or "4OS2 Revision D" (if

it did work).


If you are short on disk space and receive a message that there is not

enough space to perform the patch, you can use a command like this to

reduce the disk space required:


      patch /noundo 4o20d32


This will make recovery slightly more difficult in the unlikely event of

a power failure or similar problem during the patch process, but will

reduce the disk space required to perform the patch.



[* JP Software's PATCH.EXE is the version 1.10 patch program from the

.RTPatch patch software sold by PocketSoft Inc.  If you have a copy of

PATCH.EXE version 1.10 or later from another company which also uses

.RTPatch to update its software, you can use it with JP Software

patches. However, we recommend that you do NOT use version 2.0 of

PATCH.EXE under OS/2.  When PATCH.EXE 2.0 is used under OS/2 it patches

the files properly, but does not correctly update the dates and times of

the patched files.]



4OS2 version 2.0 revision D includes the following changes to version

2.0 revision C:


     * Worked around an OS/2 problem which occasionally left directory

       search handles open in 4OS2/32 when doing subdirectory processing

       (e.g. GLOBAL, COPY /S, DIR /S, etc.); this could eventually cause

       the system to run out of handles and stop.


     * ECHOS will now reset the console output mode properly if

       interrupted with a Ctrl-C.


     * Fixed a problem with the FOR command in 4OS2/32 which prevented

       processing of the items in the list if a file processing command

       (eg DEL or COPY) was issued before the FOR.


     * Fixed a problem with a GOTO inside a DO loop which branched back

       and restarted the loop.


     * Fixed MEMORY to correctly report the alias and environment block

       sizes when these blocks were expanded beyond their initial



     * Fixed a problem with blank lines in a TEXT block.


     * Fixed a problem with the %_CPU variable which caused some 486

       systems to appear as Pentiums ("586").


     * Fixed a problem with piping to %@SELECT if the pipe was empty.



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