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General Information


The PMVKPROC utility list all processes runnning in OS/2 2.X

in an PM window. The parent-child dependencies and a detailed

information for every process is shown. Additionally every shown

process can be killed by the user.

PMVKPROC is a full 32-bit application which uses the undocumented

API DosQProcStatus to get a list of running processes  - therefore 

its stability is in question because IBM could change or remove 

this API without telling anyone. But this API stayed the same 

for a long time....

For more information press the HELP button.

The PMVKPROC utility is a fully functional shareware version. 

Support shareware by registering this copy of PMVKPROC. 

Please send $10 to the account:

Frank Stanischewski

Bank : Dresdner Bank

Bank number : 760 800 40

S.W.I.F.T. : DRES DE FF 763

.Account number : 5 419 165 00 / 400

or send $10 (check or cash) to:

Frank Stanischewski

Aeussere Tennenloher Strasse 6

D-91058 Erlangen


(C) 1994 Frank Stanischewski


Installation Information


Put the PMVKPROC.EXE file in one of your directories which

is included in your PATH-environment. Put the PMVKPROC.HLP

file in one of the directories which is included in your

HELP-environment. See for all in your config.sys file.

Than start the PMVKPROC program by command line or by

using the drives icon. Rest is selfexplaning (I hope so).


Author Information


For any suggestions or bug reports send an e-mail to:

If you have no access to e-mail, you can send normal mail to :

Frank Stanischewski

Aeussere Tennenloher Strasse 6

D-91058 Erlangen


or you can send me a FAX :

Number : +49-9131-63369


Changes :


 Version 1.1


   Added new DLL : FISSOFT.DLL cause of error `cannot find

   DDE4MUI.DLL? Linked  other libraries statically.

 Version 1.2

   Added loaded module information of processes. Debugged

   SYS3175 error. Need no DLL anymore.


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