YAOS (Yet Another OS/2 Shell) version 0.9

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Archive Name: yaos09.zip

Program Description: Yet Another OS/2 Shell (features filename completion)

Operating Systems: 2.1

Program Source: cplee@students.wisc.edu

Replaces: yaos08.zip

Your name: Lee, Cjin Pheow

Your email address: cplee@students.wisc.edu

Proposed directory for placement:



        YAOS (Yet Another OS/2 Shell) version 0.9, Copyright 1994



This is a shell that runs on top of cmd.exe. Its features are:

      * Unix-like file name completion using the <esc> or <tab> key

      * a history of previously used commands with ability

        to access them using commands like: !!, !4, !v test.c

        (those familiar with unix would know what I am saying).

        Of course, the up & down cursor keys will scroll through

        previous commands too.

      * ability to change directory to any [drive:\directory]

        in a single command using the normal 'cd' command.

      * full support for prompt setting in OS/2

      * full implementation of command line editing

      * a popup window that displays the possible file names for

        completion. You can scroll through the entries in this

        popup window using the up and down arrow-keys, Home, End,

        PageUp and PageDown keys. You can also search for a particular

        file name by typing its name directly onto the popup window.

        ['-w' option when starting YAOS]

      * Alt-H keystroke will bring up a popup window containing

        commands that are stored in history. Again, you can scroll

        through this list using the cursor keys, Home, End, PageUp &

        PageDown keys. (The window will only appear if there are two or

        more commands in history).

      * [-f] argument: Fast mode. Directory changing program like

        vcd does not work in this mode. However, choosing this mode

        results in better YAOS performance in terms of speed.

        (The functionality of programs like vcd is planned to be included

         in future releases of YAOS).

      * [-i] argument: Defaulting to insert mode on startup.

      * directory name that is completed using  <esc> or <tab> will

        have the back slash appended to the end of the name.

      * Implementation of aliases. You define aliases in YAOS, save them

        into a file and later retrieve them. You can also specify an alias

        file when starting YAOS with the option [-a <filename>]. You have

        to specify the full path name for the <filename> unless it is

        located in the current directory. A total of up to 9 argument

        replacements (from %1 to %9) is allowed in aliases. You can also

        chain aliases. (But you should avoid cycles in the chain). To read

        or write an alias file inside YAOS, refer to online help on alias:

        (Type:  '? alias' without the quotes at prompt.)

        You can also unset an alias by using the unalias <keyword> command.

      * In the file name completion popup window, the maximum string that

        is common to all possible names is matched. (Previously, matching

        is done from what the user keys in before bringing up the popup


      *  Emacs like editing keys are implemented.

                Ctl-v   : PageDown

                Alt-v   : PageUp

                Ctl-p   : Previous Line

                Ctl-n   : Next Line

                Ctl-a   : Beginning of line

                Ctl-e   : End of Line

                Ctl-f   : Forward a character

                Ctl-b   : Back a character

                Alt-f   : Forward a word

                Alt-b   : Back a word

New in this release


     * Instead of keying in the startup options from the command line, you

       can define an environment setting in the config,sys file to hold

       the options. For example, you can do the following:

             set YAOS=-w -f -m -a -i c:\yaos\alias.fil

       However, you can overwrite the 'set' options from the command line.


     * In the filename completion popup window, after typing in one or more

       characters, hitting the <Tab> key will cause YAOS to match again as 

       much as possible the likely completing file name.

     * Thanks to a sugguestion by David Begley from Australia, I have managed

       to reduce the size of the file YAOS.EXE considerably.  Compare it

       with the YAOS.EXE file prior to v0.9. Also, note that YAOS now uses

       both EMX.DLL and EMXLIBC.DLL.  This will benefit those who run many

       applications compiled using emx/gcc.

Coming soon:


     * Use of '&' character to 'detach' tasks.      [User suggestion]

     * Use of ';' separator for multiple commands   [User suggestion]

     * Customize color settings for popup windows   [User suggestion]

     * A quick directory changer like vcd or ncd

     * Any reasonable feature requests from YOU!

This release is by no means a bug free version. However, I hope you'll

use and like YAOS. Suggestions and comments (including bug reports) are

strongly welcomed.



1) Copy YAOS.EXE to a PATHed directory (eg. C:\OS)

2) Copy EMX.DLL & EMXLIBC.DLL to a LIBRARY directory (eg. C:\OS\DLL)

(Note: The EMX.DLL & EMXLIBC.DLL files included with YAOS must be used.

       You may not use any earlier versions of the DLL files. If earlier

       versions of the DLL files exist, you have to delete them. If not,

       YAOS may not function properly.)

3) Now you can safely run YAOS

NOTE: Failure to perform the above steps will result in improper execution

      of YAOS.



        Lee, Cjin Pheow

        Email: cplee@students.wisc.edu

        April 19, 1994


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