eComStation and OS/2 Warp news, 2012/10

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eComStation - What's the Next Step? (opinion of Eugene Gorbunoff)

1) Install Zippy (analogue of WinRAR/WinZIP) to every eCS PC!
   It supports many formats, EA attributes and large files.

2) Do you have a solution based on eComStation (OS/2 Warp)?
   Show what do you have to the users from different cities and countries.
   Use eComStation.RU to promote your services:

3) Software updates:
  * Zippy (analogue of WinRAR/WinZip) --
  * Personal Cards Manager --
  * (hidden new application)

  * PM Backup Suite + BackEmUp = backup large volumes of data
  * DVD/CD Toys supports USB DVD writers --
  * Yes, PMDownloader is actual in 2013 --

4) eComStation updates (follow news from Mensys BV):
  * eCS 2.2 beta-testing starts soon..
  * Internal testing: New Panorama VESA works fast now
      (it was slow with some Core i3/i5/i7)
  * More reports about successful suspend/resume
  * Auxiliary USB drivers are updated
  * ACPI: support of HLT reduces power consumption of your computer.

  * Important update of PMView --

  * More LIP packs under construction!
    translate 100 lines of text to your language.

5) Post your success story of eComStation usage.
   Short story + 1-3 photos + reference to useful applications and other users.

6) eCo Software continues reseach of some topics.
   You can join our group and participate as investor:
    * User Interface (Touch PM, PM controls).
    * New utilities (5-10, to automate some tasks / shareware)
    * Refresh 5-10 popular applications.

7) Don't miss Warpstock Europe 2013 (May, 2013)
    * What is the topic of your presentation?
    * Are you going post messages about the event to other forums and web-sites?
    * How to influence on the conference? Release new
        software product, demonstrate OS/2 stuff, sell souvenirs,
        collect interviews and make photos.

   Use Eugene Gorbunoff to promote your ideas: 


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