Mensys, Serenity release eComStation for OS/2 ATMs

마루 0 16,335 2009.09.08 09:48, Serenity release eComStation for OS/2 ATMs

Tracy Kitten editor

• 03 Sep 2009

Netherlands-based Mensys BV and Serenity Systems International have launched eComStation to help ATM deplolyers prolong the life of their OS/2-based ATMs.

According to a news release issued by Mensys, eComStation was developed based on the last version of IBM’s OS/2 Warp 4.52, despite IBM’s withdraw of OS/2 from the market in 2006.

The move to Windows-based ATMs is picking up, Mensys says, but since a number of OS/2 ATMs remain in the market, Mensys and Serenity wanted to develop a solution that could help deployers support OS/2 hardware and features required to extend usage of ATMs for marketing and CRM purposes. The move to eComStation builds on NCR’s mid-2008 launch of NCR APTRA Promote Content Service in the United Kingdom, which provides an advertising service for deployers with mixed Windows and OS/2 ATM fleets.

Key features of eComStation include:

    * Fast and easy installation from CD-ROM
    * IBM fixes and updates
    * Support for modern hardware
    * Remote administration
    * Networking interoperability
    * Security
    * Support for high-resolution color displays, font anti-aliasing, video playback and audio output
    * Licensing for eComStation

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