We can use Windows Flash player in eComStation

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http://en.ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=1567We can use Windows Flash player in eComStation
2008-11-26 03:20:54 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [mensys.nl]

Roderick Klein (Mensys) posted a message:

"After 5 attemtempts in total with first Macromedia and now Adobe I suceeded! Mensys has received permission from Adobe to distribute the Windows Flash with eCS. Without going into legal details and patents. Using the Windows binary makes the best legal and financial sense.

But before people ask, where is a release ?

1. There is no timeline yet for any release, so for now. Its going to at least take something like I expect half a year before we can say more.

2. There are some technical problems. There is a "leaked" version of the Flash 7 plugin with the Innotek runtime. Innotek has not been able to release this source code to the public in a timely fashion before they where taken over by SUN. So there will be code that needs to be rewritten. The ODIN project is a start for this. This will be a complex effort!!

Just to clearly state this again! This is a first step but the legal block is gone now! The writing the code to run the Flash DLL is next big step!!!!

But a step taken to another project to keep eCS on track!"


Roderick Klein at Warpstock Europe 2002, he have demonstrated the correspondence with thirdparty companies

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