2.4 GA released

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October 07, 2008 by Joachim Benjamins

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Joachim Benjamins

October 6, 2008
Subject: Support Agreement (12 months) for for eComStation
and IBM OS/2
Effective date: October 6, 2008

Effective immediately, Serenity Systems International will be distributing
a GA version of 2.4 to all users who ordered the Support
Agreement for product. This version has been compiled to run
on IBM OS/2 and eComStation as a native application. This release replaces version 2.0.4.

It is available to anyone with a current Support Agreement
for eComStation and OS/2, via their download-area at the Mensys Online

** Features **

Support for XWP/eWPS sliding menu hilite (requires XWorkPlace 1.0.8 or eCS
2.0 RC4 or higher)
Support for clipboard bitmap formats and unicode text.
Support for mouse wheel.
Support for WPS integration via seperate package (OOoWPS101.WPI)
FT2: this release supports the FreeType2 font engine for better text rendering.

NLS: multiple NLS versions can be installed, you can change the language as
follows: Tools - > Options - > Language settings - > User Interface. The
following languages are available: English, German, Italian, French,
Spanish and Dutch.

EMAIL: e-mail related settings are now supported, you can email your
current document, but only ThunderBird is supported. WEB: the default
browser will be used for opening web pages. To enable these features, the
Internet Application Integration tool must be installed and configured for
your browser.

A more complete list of changes in this version of 2.4.0 can
be found at:

** Requirements **

- At least one language pack is required to complete installation.
- UniClip is required to complete installation.
- LibC 0.6.3 is required to complete installation.
- Innotek Font Engine is required to run 2.4 for
eComStation and OS/2.
- this installation will not overwrite existing installations, you can
use it alongside 1.1.5 and 2.0.4, however it
may be advisable to remove previous 2.4 profiles from your home directory.
- installation should preferably be done on a JFS volume, as it may run
slow otherwise. The installation target volume must support long filenames.
- installation takes around 400 MB of drivespace.
- this build is based on the 2.4.0 m12 sourcecode of
- For better rendering of the GUI font, it is suggested to install
Workplace Sans TrueType font. This will also visualize the numbering for
the vertical ruler, since the default font, WarpSans, cannot be rotated.
You can download the Workplace Sans font from the following website:

WPS integration package for 2.4 for eComStation and OS/2:
- Extends the WPS data file class to recognize document files
- Integrated support for WPS-Wizard hint and folder info area
- Rexx hooks for reading document properties

[To enable this package for 2.4, you need to install the
OOoWPS101.WPI package (if not already installed) and run
This script will activate the WPS integration for this release of 2.4 and remove it from older releases]

** Support **

Support Agreement users whose 12 month term has expired will be able to
download a copy of 2.4. Current Support Agreement users will
also be able to:

- Report issues and open support tickets
- Download fixes, updates, and enhancements
- Test new versions as they become available

Support specific to the eComStation and OS/2 version can be obtained
through the ticketing system at:

A newsgroup is available for community support at:


** Enjoy! **

Best regards,

Serenity Systems International

2.4가 나왔군요.


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