FileStar/2 Version 3.0 GA Release

마루 0 15,693 2007.12.05 09:46 FileStar/2 Version 3.0 GA Release

November 14, 2007 by Jim Read

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Jim Read

Jim Read and Sierra HyperStar Software gladly (and finally) announce the release of FileStar/2 version 3.0. It is temporarily available for immediate download at:

It'll be moved to its normal home at when the site has been updated.

The product includes FlexEdit, a fast versatile graphical text/hex editor/viewer, as an integral component. FlexEdit will soon be available as a separate product. FileStar/2 is priced at $49 for the combined products with the executable version of FlexEdit included. Upgrades from FileStar/2
version 2 are available for $34. Proof of purchase may be required if not in the registered database. Those users that have purchased FileStar/2 since 1 March, 2000 are entitled to free upgrades as promised. These users must contact me by email to receive the keys.

Read more about it and see a screen shot at:

The programs install as trial versions so you may try before you buy. They run uninhibited for one month after installation, then gradually degrade over the following two months. Please try before you buy. You may purchase
keys to register the programs, which ends the trial status, at:

New User


When you purchase through BMT Micro, you are buying the keys only and those keys will be emailed to you by myself when notified by BMT Micro. The products will be in the BMT Micro catalog in a week or so. CDs are not available.


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