eComStation Maintenance Tool (beta)

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April 10, 2007 by Chuck McKinnis

The eComStation Maintenance Tool beta version is now available for download and installation. This release corrects some previous errors and is the first release designed to support eCS 2.0.

Please note that this and subsequent releases REQUIRE the eComStation Maintenance Tool Utilities and WGet SSL support for proper installation and maintenance. If the eComStation Maintenance Tool Utilities and WGet w/SSL support have been previously installed, you do not need to download and install them again.

Otherwise, you will need to download the base (ecsmt2194b1.exe), the utilities (ecsut2193.exe), and the WGet SSL support (ecswg11020.exe) to a common directory and execute the base package (ecsmt2194b1.exe) to install them with WarpIN.

After installing and executing this release, DO NOT attempt to revert to an earlier release.


    * Make eCS 2.0 aware.
    * Corrected false error when committing update.
    * Clean up language switching.
    * Consolidate menu items.
    * The boot "blob" will no longer indicate an eCS release or fixpack level.
    * Allow display of update information for ineligible updates.
    * Allow the selection and application of multiple updates unless the update is an IBM fixpack, involves an installation routine, or is a dialog enhancer update.
    * Information on updates, if available, will be displayed in modeless windows.
    * Provide backout and/or commitment of updates without the update source. The backout and/or commitment of IBM fixpacks will require that the IBM service tool (CSF) be available.
    * Provide more information on the status of installed items.
    * Correct detection of successful downloads.
    * Correct error in downloading with proxy servers that do not require a sign on.
    * Remove all usage of the RxExtra RxSearchPath function.


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