WarpAMP 2.0 public beta

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WarpAMP 이미지 검색결과 

                 WarpAmp ?a public beta, (c) SDG 1997


This package contains the WarpAMP ?a public beta release. WarpAMP is a

MP3 player based on Tomislav Uzelacs AMP project and is still in beta so

use it with care. For further information, view the WarpAMP.inf file.

You can contact SDG at info@sdg.ml.org (for general matters) or use

warpamp@sdg.ml.org (for reporting bugs only).

Now for the legal stuff...


   Copyright: WarpAMP and all associated information, such as files and

              documentation, are copyright Software Developers Guild.

Distributing: WarpAMP ?a is a so-called freeware, which means it's free

              for anyone to use.

              You may distribute WarpAMP ?a if you:

                1) distribute the distribution package (the file

                   WAMP_B3A.ZIP that SDG released).

                2) do not alter the distribution package or any files it


                3) do not sell WarpAMP ?a

                4) do not charge a "distribution fee" or "copying fee".

                   This includes shareware CD-ROMs and similar, if you

                   wish to include WarpAMP ?a on such a CD-ROM then you

                   cannot charge extra for having it on the CD-ROM and

                   must include the entire WarpAMP package, either in

                   the original archive or in its own directory which

                   includes the entire WarpAMP package (including this

                   ReadMe.txt file).

              All other forms of distribution of WarpAMP ?a without the

              Software Developers Guild's written permission is


  Disclaimer: WarpAMP ?a is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any

              kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited

              to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness

              for a particular purpose. In no event shall SDG, or any

              member of SDG, be liable for any damages whatsoever

              including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential,

              loss of business profits or special damages, even if SDG

              has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


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