Unite CD-Maker V2.1a-M

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          Install Notes for Unite CD-Maker V2.1a-M

                   Cirrus Technology, Inc.

        (C) Copyright Cirrus Technology, Inc., 1996



This document contains important information regarding the

installation and operation of Unite CD-Maker.  It is 

recommended that this entire document be read prior to 

installing this software.

                * What is Unite CD-Maker?

                * Installation Requirements

                * Installation Procedures

                * How to update your CONFIG.SYS if you

                  didn't select the "Update CONFIG.SYS" option

                  during installation

                * New Features

                * Demonstration Version's Limitation

What is Unite CD-Maker?


Cirrus Technology's Unite CD-Maker software is a complete software

package for creating your own custom audio CDs and CD-ROMs (data

CDs).  It was developed using IBM's state-of-the-art System Object

Model (SOM), Workplace Shell, and OpenClass technology.  CD-recordable

discs can hold in excess of 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of music

and are readable by virtually any DOS, Windows, OS/2, or UNIX system

with a CD-ROM drive.  With Unite CD-Maker, you can simply and easily

create custom audio CDs by combining songs from several CDs onto

one CD.  You can create CD-ROMs for backup, archiving, and distribution

of personal computer data.

Even if you don't have a CD-recordable device, Unite CD-Maker lets

you simulate the burn process by using its enhanced CD Burner icon!

Install this demonstration version of Unite CD-Maker today, and find

out more about this exciting, new technology!

Installation Requirements 


In order to run the UNITE INSTALL program, your system must meet the 

following criteria:


DISK DRIVE.  There must be at least 3 megabytes of available disk 

space on the hard disk on which Unite CD-Maker will be installed.


OPERATING SYSTEM.  IBM OS/2 WARP Version 3.0 or greater must be 

installed and running on your PC.

OS/2 CD-ROM SUPPORT.  If your PC does not have OS/2

CD-ROM support installed, use OS/2's selective install procedure to

install CD-ROM support.  Refer to your OS/2 documentation for more

information.  After OS/2's CD-ROM support is installed, Unite CD-Maker

can be installed.


Installation Procedures


The INSTALL program will create all necessary directories and update 

CONFIG.SYS as noted below.  

Follow the steps below to initially run the INSTALL program; 


1) Invoke an OS/2 FULL SCREEN session.


2) UNZIP the file CDMAKER.ZIP into a temporary directory, and

   Set your current default directory to this temporary directory.


3) Type INSTALL and press the ENTER key.

4) The first install window displays the CDMAKER.TXT file.  Review its

   contents and click on the Continue pushbutton.

5) Select Update CONFIG.SYS from the second install window.  If this

   option is not selected, CONFIG.SYS must be manually updated.

6) If this is an initial install, the second selection option, Overwrite

   files, may be left unchecked.  If you are reinstalling the software, 

   check the Overwrite files option.

7) Click on the OK pushbutton.

8) Select the "Unite CD-Maker" as the component you wish to install.

9) Before selecting to continue the install, review the install directory

   provided on the lower portion of the Install - directories window.  

   This is the directory into which the software will be installed.

   As shown, the default drive is "C", the default directory is "UNITE".

10) After reviewing and modifying, if required, the directory path;

     select the Install... pushbutton to continue the installation.

11) You are informed when the installation has completed.

12) Reboot your PC immediately after installation.

NOTE:  The files in the temporary directory (see Step #2) can be

deleted after successful installation of Unite CD-Maker.

How to update your CONFIG.SYS if you didn't select the 

"Update CONFIG.SYS" option during installation                                


If you didn't select the Update CONFIG.SYS option during installation, 

you need to manually update your CONFIG.SYS file.  Follow the 

instructions below to manually update your CONFIG.SYS file.

NOTE:  The examples below reflect the default installation drive 

and directory (C:\UNITE).

1) LIBPATH must be modified as follows:


   The location of the Unite CD-Maker libraries must be added

   as the FIRST entry of the LIBPATH statement as follows:


   The location into which the SOM libraries are installed must

   be added immediately after the above LIBPATH entry.


2) PATH must be modified as follows:

   The location of the Unite CD-Maker executables must be added

   as the FIRST entry for the PATH.


3) The following line must be at the END of the CONFIG.SYS file:


4) All device drivers provided by Cirrus Technology are installed into the

   C:\UNITE\BIN directory.  The CONFIG.SYS must be modified as follows

   to load the device drivers during boot:


        REM the driver below replaces OS2CDROM.DMD /Q


5) After these modifications are made to your CONFIG.SYS file, reboot 

   your PC prior to using the software.

New Features


1)  Support for the Ricoh RS-1420C CD-recordable device.

2)  Support for the Sony CDU-924S CD-recordable device.

3)  Support for the Smart & Friendly CD-R 2004 CD-recordable


4)  Multisession support for most CD-R drives.  Previously, unless

    you had a Sony CD-R device, the only session that was accessible

    from a CD-ROM/XA multisession disc was the first.  Now, Unite

    CD-Maker gives you the ability to select any session on a

    CD-ROM/XA multisession disc to be recognized as the primary

    CD-ROM volume in the drive.

5)  The Unite CD-Maker documentation is now available on-line!  The

    installation of Unite CD-Maker places an icon titled "Help" in

    your Unite CD-Maker desktop folder.  Use it to access Unite

    CD-Maker's on-line documentation.

6)  If you do not have a CD-recordable device attached to your PC,

    you can now simulate the burn process using the enhanced CD

    Burner icon.  The CD Burner icon has been enhanced to simulate 

    the burn process even though you might not have a CD-recordable 

    device attached to your PC.



1) The HP 4020i CD-recorder is commonly bundled with an ADVANSYS SCSI

   host adapter (ADVANSYS APB-510).  This adapter is not distributed 

   with a driver for OS/2.  If you plan to use this adapter to control

   your HP 4020i, you will need to manually install the driver as


       a)  Copy the file ASC.ADD from the \UNITE\BIN directory to the

           \OS2\BOOT directory.

       b)  Edit the CONFIG.SYS file, and add the entry:


       c)  Reboot your PC.

2) Unite CD-Maker is multi-threaded software.  Setting

   "PRIORITY=ABSOLUTE" in the CONFIG.SYS file forces all priority 

   to a single thread.  Unite CD-Maker will NOT operate in this 

   environment.  If a priority statement exists in the CONFIG.SYS, it 

   MUST be set to "DYNAMIC".

Demonstration Version's Limitation


This is a fully functional version of Unite CD-Maker created

specifically to be installed with IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 or greater.

This demonstration version is restricted in that only a limited

amount of data can be burned to a CD.  To upgrade this demonstration

version of Unite CD-Maker, please call Cirrus Technology on

(301) 698-1900.

This demonstration version of Unite CD-Maker is restricted in its 

BURN capacity in two aspects.

  1)  Only 100 megabytes of DATA can be burned to a CD.

  2)  Only 11 minutes of AUDIO can be burned to a CD.

NOTE:  Burned disks which are kept open (allow future sessions)

can be reused after upgrading to the commercial version

of Unite CD-Maker.  For information and to upgrade Unite

CD-Maker, contact Cirrus Technology:

        Phone:  (301) 698-1900

        Fax:  (301) 698-1909

        CompuServe:  GO UNITE

        Internet:  http://www.cirunite.com

The Unite CD-Maker documentation is on-line and can be found

by clicking on the "Help" icon in the Unite CD-Maker folder.

The Unite CD-Maker licensing agreement can be found in the

ASCII text file, LICENSE.TXT.  Please review this agreement



Unite CD-Maker runs under a graphical environment called Presentation

Manager, created by International Business Machines Corporation and 

Microsoft Corporation.

To use Unite CD-Maker under OS/2 Presentation Manager, you need to

license and install IBM's OS/2 WARP Version 3.0 or higher.

Some product names have been used for identification only and may be 

trademarks of their respective companies.


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