MIDI Station Sequencer - DEMO

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Welcome to MIDI Station Sequencer - DEMO!!!


   MIDI Station Sequencer uses the RTMIDI subsystem for its playback and recording of 

   sequences.  Therefore you will MUST have a RTMIDI compatable soundcard/driver in order

   to use this program.  If you do not please read the accompanying MSTATSEQ.INF file under

   System Requirements - Setting up your soundcard for information on how to get your system

   RTMIDI compatable.

   This program also uses the new high-resolution timer so there are a few things that you

   should be aware of:

    1) When using this program you should not use any Windows and/or DOS programs

    2) The minimum configuration that will give back acceptable performance is a

       486 DX/2 66 MHz.  Any system will work but your results may not be acceptable.

Installing the program:

   1) Unzip this file into a directory

          (Obviously you've already done that since you're reading this!)

   2) Type install

   3) You will be prompted to enter a path where the program will reside

   4) The installation routine will create a folder and program objects for you.

Troubleshooting and Technical Issues

   If you need help getting your system to be RTMIDI compatable, please READ the included

   MSTATSEQ.INF file.  It contains many suggestions and ways of getting your system ready.

   If after doing this nothing works - send me some email at: cdhodge@ibm.net.  I'll see 

   what I can do to help you.


Christopher Hodges

Author of MIDI Station and MIDI Station Sequencer



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