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Revision B, May 17, 1993

Note: My Internet address was previously incorrect.  It is rickIII@csd4.csd.uwm.edu

I. Basic info

II. New additions

III.  Feedback from vendors

I. This zip file contains four form letters and addresses of software companies.  The letters simply ask for OS/2 support.  If enough people write these simple letters, companies will be aware of a large group of potential customers.  

In addition to the ASCII files, there are five zip files which contain the letters in native formats:

Describe.zip  Describe 

Word2.zip     Word4Win 2.0

WP51.zip      WordPerfect 5.1 

WPwin.zip     WordPerfect for Windows

In each of the zip files there are eight main files:  

fixit, mags, test, write, and the addresses.

'Fixit' asks that vendors update the OS/2 version of their product to make it as good if not better than their DOS/WIN version.  'Mags' asks for OS/2 coverage in major magazines. 'Test' asks that programs be tested under OS/2.  It is directed mostly at game vendors.  'Write' simply asks for OS/2 products. 

Note: Dr. T's Music specializes in MIDI software, IMSI makes TurboCAD, Microtac makes German, Spanish, Italian, and French Assistant, Reference makes Grammatik, Software Pub. makes Harvard Graphics, and Twelve Tone makes Cakewalk, a MIDI sequencer.  

The address files need to be expanded.  

If you would like to see a company added to the list, please write me via:

Exec-PC - Rick Sovitzky

Internet - Rickiii@csd4.csd.uwm.edu

Indelible Blue specializes in OS/2 software.  Call 800-776-8284 for a catalog!


Rev. B 

Several addresses to 'Write' were added: Addstor, Aldus, Central Point, Datastorm, Dr. T's Music, Microtac, Symantex, Twelve Tone Systems, and Xtree.  

Several addresses to 'Test' were added: Access, Broderbund, Origin. and Psygnosis.

Based on feedback small revisions on previous letters were made, and 'fixit' and 'mags' were created.

III.  Feedback from vendors


On May 14th my letter was returned from IMSI with the following written at the bottom:

"Thank you for your inquiry.  Unfortunately, IMSI is not presently planning on releasing any OS/2 products."  It was signed RM.


On May 11th I received the following letter from Joe Scirica, VP of Maxis.

"Thank you for your interest in Maxis products.  You are correct that Maxis does not develop OS/2 specific software, and we do not forese and future development in this area.  Unfortunately, the OS/2 market is not a gamers market and is too small to warrant the additional cost of such development.

The advanced simulations which Maxis now has in development require the power of 32 bit, flat memory model DOS extenders, and these usually do not work, or work well, with the OS/2 system.

We appreciate your offer to beta test our products, however, we are not using beta testers at the present time, and with an OS/2 system it would not be feasible.

Again, thank you for your enthusiasm and support of Maxis products."

(Note, I am sending him a reply letter thanking him for his letter, and listing the 35+ games which my brothers currently play under OS/2 - including three Maxis games.  I certainly would like to purchase new Maxis games, but if Maxis develops games which will conflict with OS/2, I will inform him that they will lose my sales)



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