Widget NameDescriptionDownloadScreenshot
XButtonProvides quick access to desktop objects, as well as Run, Lockup, Suspend, Restart, and Shutdown commands.included with XWPXButton
CPU LoadProvides a "pulse" graph of CPU activity (SMP aware) and IRQ loadincluded with XWPpulse
SentinelProvides you with a graph of memory consumption (free, used, swap)included with XWPSentinel
MonitorsShows the current Date / Time / Free Memory / Battery Statusincluded with XWPTime_Battery
Disk FreeShows the amount of disk space free, can flip between all drive letters if desiredincluded with XWPDiskFree
TraysSimilar to WarpCenter trays, allows you to group icons / widgetsincluded with XWPtrays
Window ListShows the running tasks, can switch to them, close them, etc.included with XWPWindowList
Object ButtonAllows you to drag and drop any WPS object onto the XCenterincluded with XWP 
Battery WidgetAn alternative widget to provide battery status V0.2.1Battery
WarpMediaRequires WarpMedia, provides multimedia playbacksold outWarpMedia
xwHealthRequires StHWMon, provides hardware monitoringincluded with XWP or 
SwitcherShows the running tasks, can switch to them, close them, etc. Also provides enhanced Alt+Tab switcher and priority modification V2.7lSwitcher27
wxTaskAllows you to switch between and kill tasks, like WarpCenter Beta 4wxTask
REXX ButtonProvides you a button to run any REXX code you wish V0.7.3 (wgtlib) 
REXX GaugeProvides you with gauges to display status with any REXX code you wish V0.7.3 (wgtlib)DiskGauge TimeGauge
SpacerAllows you to fill up space on the XCenter, can be user-specified size or take all empty space V0.7.3 (wgtlib) 
Cris' WidgetsRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides REXX code for Z!, PM123, CDPlay, a clock, and a swap monitor V0.8Cris' widgets
TCP/IP monitorsRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides monitor(s) for TCP/IP interfaces V1.0tcpmon
HBScrObjRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides icons and scripts for Run, Lockup and Find objects, V4.0 has the ShowDesktop widget V1.0 included V3.0 (cmd)
 V4.0 (exe)
HBShowDesktopRequires RexxButton widget from the XWorkplace Widgets Library and VROBJ.DLL, minimizes all apps and shows the Desktop V2.0ShowDesktop
HBHealthMonRequires StHWMon and XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides hardware monitoringHBHealth
HBIniMonRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides INI file monitoring V2.0HBIniMon
HBMemMonRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library and RxExtras, provides an alternative memory monitorMemMon
HBClipEditRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides a clipboard monitor and editor V2.11ClipEdit
HBStopWatchRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides a stop watch similar to the one found on WarpCenter V1.01StopWatch
HBUptimeRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, provides a panel showing how long your system is runningUptime
xUpTimeRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library 0.5.1 or better, this is UpTime PC monitor V0.1xUpTime
MailCheckerRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, this is a POP3 Mail Checker V0.1 
PMMail BiffRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, monitors the PMMail inbox status 
AMousedisplays the current settings of the AMouse mouse driver V2.5AMouse
ISDNPMRequires XWorkplace Widgets Library, monitors the status of ISDNPM 3.xISDNPM
IR Widget / IRMondisplays the status of the Infrared port / connection V0.7.3 (wgtlib)
included inIrDA driver package (old)
IRDA     IRDA_connected
Rexx ScrollerThis widget is able to draw a graph with up to three lines, based on a rexx script that the user defines. V0.7.3 (wgtlib)
V1.30 (old)
Graphical TCP/IP MonitorsThis is a graphical TCP/IP monitor, requires RexxScroller widget. V2.02 TCP/IP Monitors
ZNoteThis widget let's you create "post-it" like notes on your screen.ZNote
Day, Date and Time WgtA very configurable display of the day, date, and time.jrstimdt
HBMozillaMailThis is a mail/inbox monitor for mozilla/warpzilla, requires RexxScroller widgetRxExtrasRXU and VROBJ.DLL. V1.0MozillaMail
Seti@home progress monitor wgt
Seti progress monitor
A monitor for Seti@Home/2, it shows the current calculated data unit, the progress in % and, as tooltip, the used and estimated CPU time. 
Requires XWorkplace Widgets Library and the included REXX Gauge widget.

Seti monitor
GClockThis is a clock widget, it displays a nice clock and calendar, requires RexxScroller widget. V1.0GClock
Keyboard Layer/2 IndicatorThis widget indicate the current keyboard layout as it is reported by that switcher through the pipe. V0.1.1Keyboard Layer/2
HBNetMsgWidgetMonitors and displays the messages provided by IBM's NETMSG.EXE, requires RexxScroller widget andRXU. V0.9NetMsg
WorldClockThis is a clock widget, it displays current time and uptime/date in the tooltip. V0.1WClock
System traySystem tray is a bar with icons which added by third-party applications using SysTray API. V0.3Systray
TabTrayadd-on to select the trays with a single mouse click. V0.1
Wireless LAN Monitor WidgetThis widget allows to monitor the status of your wireless LAN devices, now supporting GenMac Wrapper Driver 2.0 including WEP/WPA. V3.10WLAN Monitor WLAN Monitor
Seti@Home MonitorA monitor for Seti@Home/2, it shows current state for Seti packet, completed workunits, ratio (%/h) and time info. V1.02
CD PlayerCD Player Widget for controlling the main functions of the MMPM CD Player.V1.0 betaCD Widget
WPWeatherdisplays weather information (forecasts) in a WPS object icon and object text V0.4 
TrayMonitorperiodically execute monitor`s rexx script(s) with an icon indicator, requires SysTray widget V1.5 
Beer Batterymonitors the power/battery state on notebooks, requires ACPI, ecolange.dll and eComStation V7.0Beer Bettery Widget
Master VolumeA substitute for the MMPM2 volume control. Not a Rexx widget. V2.1.0Master Volume Widget
BoincBased on the setihome widget, this REXX gauge displays the current work unit progress as a percentage and colored bar graph. Requires REXX gauge widget. V0.0.1boinc widget
Sambashows 2 "lights" indicating whether any instance of SMBD.EXE and/or NMBD.EXE is currently running. V3.0.28samba widget
Popperthis is a POP3 Mail Checker V0.7.3 (wgtlib)popper widget
RexxMenu  V0.7.3 (wgtlib) 
RexxMonitor  V0.7.3 (wgtlib)