1) What do you think about short trip to Netherlands? (3-5 or 14 days)
   Warpstock Europe 2013 in May 2013:
    * Speakers and visitors -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/wse/?action=speakers
    * Haarlem city, ideas -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/wse/?action=news

2) Christmas discounts to eComStation applications (rebate):
   The users like our applications:

3) What to expect from eComStation 2.2? http://ecomstation.ru/ecs22
   Download beta version in December! (wait for official announcement)
   There are many updates - check http://ecomstation.ru site

4) Install this must-have apps to the computers of your children/parents
   or colleagues, so they can work with comfort:
     * Backup GUI -- http://ecomstation.ru/backup
     * Zippy archiver -- http://ecomstation.ru/zippy
     * DVD/CD Toys -- http://ecomstation.ru/dvdtoys
     * PMMaps -- http://ecomstation.ru/pmmaps
     * ..

5) Please test eComStation with your Thinkpad laptops
   and post reports to Hardware Database -- http://ecomstation.ru/hardware.php

6) Participate in eComStation business:
    * How to use eComStation in office? How to make it generate money?
      You can share your minds / invest into development of new applications
      and drivers.

    * How to connect eComStation to Android communicators?
      Exchange/sync data, send the list of latest calls to eCS PC.
      You can develop some applications if working with mobile platforms.

7) Do you have own web-site or blog?
   Please add a link to ecomstation.ru
   So more people learn what is eComStation (IBM OS/2 Warp).


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