We would like to inform you about the current changes. As we discussed by phone,
Mensys BV went through financial restructuring and could not invest in eComstation
development anymore, XEU.com BV acquired all eComstation intellectual property and
all IBM OS/2 Warp licenses from Mensys.
XEU.com BV is active in software development and has over 15.000 organizations
worldwide as its customers. With our eComStation activities and financial support we
want to assist and support the community in bringing OS/2 further into the 21th
The development of eComStation 2.2 has commenced and we hope to release this
version in september 2015.
We have simplified the current products and prices. eComStation “Home and Student”
is now for private use only and the prices have changed to reflect the limited amount
and costs of available OS/2 licences and the recent fluctuations in the dollar. On the
next page you will find the pricelist.
For more information and to place orders with your reseller discount, you can login the
portal on shop.ecomstation.com which you formally used. If you have any questions or
remarks, please don't hesistate to contact us.
Best regards,

Joachim Benjamins                                           Gregory Schlimmer
CTO eComStation                                             Manager eComStation
joachimbenjamins@xeu.com                              gregoryschlimmer@xeu.com